Bronze / 2018 / Nature / Flowers

Flowers on my way - Orchidaceae

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Flowers
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Carla Degurmendjian

This is a organic, delicate project. With more than 200 photographs.The authenticity is trying to reinvent beauty where it once was in the flowers that I found in my way. Creating a fluid watercolour like of unexpected beauty. The flowers, sometimes imperfect, old, dry - become invisible, forgettable for must people. Photographing them as it is a portrait or even a artistic nude, they once more inspire desire. The Orchidaceae is a part of the project that shows stages of dying orchids in black and white negatives, which highlights the details and petal ribs. Named after women to compares the ageing process women passes through and how beautiful and especial it can be.

Carla Degurmendjian

I'm a Brazilian Conceptual Photographer, for me photography is a life time dream, a therapy and a deep necessity.

I have first graduated in Graphic Design (FAAP-Brasil), and strangthen my abilities with 2 masters: Marketing for Business (FAAP-Brasil) and in Marketing Communication (ESPM-Brasil). for almost 20 years I have worked in design, marketing and communication , so photography was always in my life, next to my work or as a vacation hobby.

Then my life turned away. Sad family lost. Happy new mother. I had to change everything. A couple of years later I got my pieces together, and finally decided to study Photography for real in Escola Panamericana de Arte e Design, I discovery myself as a enthusiast photographer. I also graduated being a importante piece in Nexos, a exhibition organised with curatorship by Rosely Nakagawa. (rewarding experience.)

Another milestone for my work was to be selected to Lens Culture Emerging Talents Awards gallery and received great critics from important brazilian artists, architects and art curators, what made me went deeper and deeper as we can see at my work.