Bronze / 2018 / Nature / Sky

Green Bow

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Sky
  • Photographer
    Jan Smid

The more often I take pictures of the Northern Lights, I tend to invent more challenging projects. Let me introduce you one of the most crazy panorama created with part of the autumn photoexpedition. We climbed for one and half hour up to my favorite peka over Sorvagen and I decided to make the shooting of Northern Lights special. I made a choice for 180° angle view. Actually, to snap such wide panormatic photo of night landscape along with frequently changing Northern Lights – that was a real blast.Due to the need of taking averaged exposures, exposure bracketing, higher number of focus planes, and also consider speed that Northern Lights was changing I had to approach so called „variable focus bracketing“ (special photograph method I came up with).Panorama compiled from total of 70 frames (3-level exposure bracketing of 21 frames in two rows, averaged exposures, 3-level focus bracketing).

Czech landscape photographer based in Prague. Workshops, photo expeditions and Individual Photo School. QEP certificate for landscape photography.

Nikon D750 & Nikon D810A.