/ 2018 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced
  • Photographer
    furio torracchi

Reduce to colors

This kind of work is exploring how far photography can be reduced through digital
manipulation, without losing visual elements. The similarity to painting which can appear
as first approach is vanishing by a closer look at the work.
My attempt is to push photography away from traditional thinking, The photograph is not
only a static imagine but a color pixel reduction of forms with semi abstract effect

London Guildhall University Diplome in Fine and Applied Art

About is work:
Furio Torracchi is a graduate Fine and Applied Art Artist and he has been working in several studios in London and Munich for the last 15 Years. Furio Torracchi deeply questions painting and photography and keeps exploring the possibilities of both mediums. Hybridity is a characteristic of his artistic labour informed by academic instruction. The artist’s formal subversion is found in the way he poses contemporary questions as to the lack of purity in the fields of art. Torracchi breaks down photographic codes in an attempt to free the medium from being an allusion to a specific space and time

Awards PX3 Paris "2018" Winner 2nd place Fine Art

TIFA "2016" Winner Silver 2Place Fine Art

LPA London "Renaissance Competition" Winner 2nd place

PX3 Paris Winner 3rd place Fine Art

IPA 2015 Winner Honorable Mention Fine Art

MIFA " 2015" Winner Honorable Mention