Gold / 2018 / Fine Art / Abstract

Human Species

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

We exist, therefore we are. Human beings are most full functioning sentient being among the other creatures. We are a special species on earth which is our home, but due to hyper consumption and hyper productivity, the species will be seven billion around 2050. If the growth continuous with this rapid form, then we are approaching to a dystopia.

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a documentary photographer and visual artist. He has is currently pursuing a Certificate of Higher Education in History of Art at the University of Oxford and also studying an MA in Photography at Falmouth University. Hasan holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism from Ateneo de Manila University and also graduated in Film & Video Production from UBS Film School at the University of Sydney. He was nominated for many international awards and won several photographic competitions worldwide. His photographs have been published and exhibited internationally. He is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and represented by Redux Pictures, USA.