Silver / 2018 / Advertising / Self-Promotion

Big Dream America

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    Silver in Advertising/Self-Promotion
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  • Photographer
    Tabea Simple

As a child growing up under Ceausescu's rule, I remember that there were only 2 TV programs, both broadcasting socialist propaganda from 7am until 12pm. There was no internet, no computers, tablet PCs or anything like that, I was completely cut off from the rest of the world.Traveling to America at that time, as a Romanian citizen, would be exactly the same as landing a self-made space shuttle on the moon.In 1989, Ceausescu's era ended. Many people left the country looking for better opportunities for their lives. I left Romania in 1990, not even 20 years old, and lived on in Nuremberg, the full text hier: america#e-5

Multi-award winning Photographer based in Nuernberg, Germany. Born on 22nd October 1970 in Bucharest, Romania. She started Fine Art Photography in 2010 and has already been recognized internationally, being featured in numerous media worldwide. The focus of her work are people, places and stagings. Tabea shoots almost exclusively with natural daylight.

''My Images manifested my feelings, dreams, experiences and encounters. The imageries range from melancholic and vulnerable to bizarre and even grotesque. I am not afraid of going beyond established boundaries and I like people who are curious to find out what is behind a facade.''