/ 2018 / Advertising / Fashion

Underwater Date 2

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Rodrigo Salsas
  • Credit
    Model: Manuela

Both French and Mexican, from a family of artists, Rodrigo is freediving instructor in Playa del Carmen.

The underwater world offers special vision and sensations. It prompts us to slow down, to immerse ourselves in silence and blue light. It brings us back to our inner self, to connecting with our intuition. It wraps us up in a case of sweetness, of magic. We merge with our water elemental, asleep in everyone but never forgotten.

And above all, it gives us the incredible possibility to integrate a third dimension in our motion, realizing the human dream of getting rid of terrestrial weight to perceive space in depth.

Our inspiration: Freediving. Our passion: Photography.
Each take is a blend of discovery and game, driven by a thirst for beauty and aesthetism.

The cenotes of Yucatan, natural freshwater pools, represent an endless source of creation and wonder thanks to their world-unique atmospheres.

Rodrigo (photographer, model):
Both French and Mexican, from a family of artists, I have been attracted to photography since I was a child. It has become for me a way of expression which gives me unity in my everyday moments. My love for traveling, wide open spaces and aquatical life lead me up in various places of the world (Corsica, Thailand, Mexico) to become scuba- then freediving instructor.

Manuela (model, staging, photographer):
As a Chemical Engineer, I like understanding the structure of things in each area of my life. My eyes, wherever I look, have always been attracted to water. Based on the shores of Lake Geneva, from the Italian part of Switzerland, I am fond of dancing, freediving, fashion and visual arts. I vibrate through tropical atmosphere, which leads my travels in the islands, in Africa, in Latin America.

Rodrigo and Manuela work as a team and take turns sharing the roles of photographer, model or director.

Awards Monochrome Awards 2018 3rd Place in Nude
Monochrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention in Fashion-Beauty
Monochrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention in Portrait
Monochrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention in Fine Art
IPA 2018 2nd Place in Advertising-Beauty
IPA 2018 Honorable Mention in Fine Art-Nudes
IPA 2018 Honorable Mention in Advertising-Fashion
PX3 2018 Gold Winner in Fine Art-Nudes
PX3 2018 Silver Winner in Advertising-Beauty
PX3 2018 Silver Winner in Advertising-Fashion
PX3 2018 Bronze Winner in Advertising-Fashion