1st Place / 2018 / Portraiture /


  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Children, 1st Place winner in Portraiture
  • Company
    Revolver Ltd
  • Photographer
    André Clemetsen

Tristan is a 6 year old boy. The name Tristan means rebellion. Something that describes the power of this little boy. For Tristan has leukemia (blood cancer). And is being treated at the hospital. The picture I have taken in connection with an exhibition I'm working on - about children with cancer. I followed Tristan a few hours and gained insight into his personalety and his own fight against the cancer. Tristan brightened up with his majestic look and pride. Something I feel tells atteverything about Tristans great attitude.old

André Clemetsen is educated at The Universety of Westminister in London, and is a photographer, filmmaker, musician and writer. Clemetsen began as a fashion photographer for Channel and Ralph Lauren in New York, Paris and London, before changing genres and becoming an art documentary photographer and filmmaker. Since 2008, Clemetsen has set up over 25 exhibitions around the world. He made a tv-series about moder slavery and sex trafficking, and blind people from Nepal in; 2019/20 ("Blinded" with Amalie Snøløs). He wrote screenplay, was director and film-photographer for the project.