/ 2018 / Fine Art / Nudes

Freedom of water

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Photographer
    Marika Pentikainen
  • Studio
    Marika Pentikainen Photography
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I have always been interested of the human mind and the freedom
that the mind can offer and give you. Photography is a tool for me
to express the minds visual escort. I am intrigued by the diversity
of the human mind, which includes the darker tones of life (
wretchedness and genuineness of life) as well as the lighter tones
(happiness, kindness and love). I love the thought of the person
being as they are, physical and psychic creature. Creation of

I’ve always been interested in the human mind and the freedom it can give us. Photography is a tool that serves as a visual escort to my min.That allows me to express the landscape of my mind. I’m intrigued by the human mind’s range of emotions, from raw, dark emotions like sadness, longing, and hate to positive emotions like happiness, kindness and love. I love the idea of a person simply being as they are, a physical and emotional being. A creation of nature.

Awards Ipa, Honorable mention, 2017
Ipa, Honorable mention, 2018
One Eyeland photography awards,Bronze 2018
PX3, Bronze 2018
Tifa, Honorable mention, 2018
Mifa,Honorable mention, 2019