/ 2018 / Fine Art / Architecture_FA

Inside Makoko

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Bruno Morais

Makoko is one of the most vibrant and yet sadly famous
neighborhoods in Lagos. This fishing village turned into floating
slum is constantly under the threat of demolition from the
Government and his inhabitants have been repeatedly evicted
and their houses burnt.
Most of Makoko´s inhabitants migrated from Benin in the
search for a better life in the rich neighboring metropolis of
Lagos. They brought their habits, their culture and their religion,
Voodoo. Their life as immigrants was built with layers, bits and
parts of memories and sporadic income. Their houses are the
clear reflection of their status and fragility as part of the
Nigerian society.
With this project I tried to not only give an inside look at the
surface of what the news show, but also build images that
respect the structural composition of what they depict.