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Emma Martina Luigia Morano-Martinuzzi, born November 29,
1899, is currently the oldest living person on the planet, the oldest
Italian ever, No. 5 in the "ranking" of the oldest, verified people
ever lived (source: Wikipedia) and the last one verifiably born in
the 19th century. In July 2016 – as part of my long-term project of
portraying centenarians – I had the pleasure to meet her in her one
room apartment in Verbania, a picturesque city located at the
North shore of Lago Maggiore, where she's still living by herself.

As a trained Graphic Designer, Karsten Thormaehlen has worked as an art and creative director in New York, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg. As commercial photographer he's based in Frankfurt, Germany, and is taking up assignments of architecture, corporate, people and still life photography. As an artist his main focus lies on 'successful aging' and sociocultural trends of ageing societies. His exhibition ‘Happy at Hundred’, celebrating men and women over the age of 100, has travelled across Europe. Through photography Karsten tells stories of individuals, communities and places that have inspired and resonated with people across the globe.