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Great Egret

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Wildlife, Gold in Nature/Wildlife
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    Alan M Gardner MD
  • Photographer
    Alan Gardner MDAs a busy Dermatologist practicing in Atlanta, Georgia, I have always sought a creative outlet outside of my professional life. Photography provides me with the perfect medium to express my creative side. I enjoy observing a scene and honing my ability to "see" a final vision. Taking the time to compose a shot in such a way that evokes emotions and feelings that perhaps is not obvious to anyone else, is what drives me to continue to pursue this passion.

The purpose of this project is to showcase the beauty and
elegance of the Great Egret during the breeding season. The neon
green color change on the face and the long plumes is so
astounding that it led to almost near extinction as they were
hunted for their feathers to decorate women' fashionable hats.
Fortunately, strict conservation laws have been enacted that have
enabled this incredibly beautiful bird population to recover.
Photographing these magnificent birds has brought me a great
deal for enjoyment.