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    Dianne Yudelson
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"With each loss of my 11 babies, I kept mementos. They are all
kept pristinely stored in a white box in my closet, as are the
memories of their short lives kept pristinely stored in my heart."
My series "Lost" is based on my personal experience. It has been
ten years since my last loss. I have never shared these mementoes
with anyone as they are private and personal and go to the core of
my emotions both heartwarming and heart wrenching
simultaneously. I have read the assertion that meaningful art occurs
when you share yourself and create from the depths of your soul.
So I share.

I am hopeful that in sharing these images I will touch the lives of
numerous women who have experienced or are in the midst of
experiencing the painful loss of a baby. They are not alone in their

Dianne Yudelson is a photographic artist and master of the New Eclecticism. Dianne was just awarded Merit of Excellencne "Photographer of the Year" in the 6th Annual Black and White Spider Awards June 2012. Her images are international winners in Photography Master's Cup, the PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris), IPA (International Photography Awards), LICC (London International Creative Competition), the Black and White Spider Awards, KLPA International Top 40 Portrait, and a WPGA Julia Margaret Cameron Award finalist in Documentary. "Throughout my life art has been the one true common thread, the stitches that have bound my chapters together. As a photographic artist I embrace the ability to spotlight my point of view and give a voice to my imagination. I have melded my fine art, theater art, fashion and stylist background with my academic training and teaching experience to create multi-layered images that explore both the visual and psychological aspects of our world and that challenge, delight and educate the viewer." ~Dianne Yudelson -- www.dianneyudelson.com

Awards Dianne Yudelson is an award winning photographic artist and master of the New Eclecticism Photography. Her work has been exhibited in Malaysia, France, Thailand, and throughout the USA. Dianne is a 2013 Critical Mass Finalist and a Julia Margaret Cameron Award winner in documentary, as well as street photography. Recent 2013 exhibitions include the Natural History Museum in San Diego California, National Geographic Museum as part of FOTODC, The FENCE 2013 and 2014 in Boston as part of the Magenta Flash Forward Festival, The FENCE 2013 and 2014 in Brooklyn as part of Photoville, and The Center for Fine Art Photography as part of 2013 and 2014 Center Forward. Dianne graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, Berkeley.

“My fascination with photography began upon the realization that, in addition to being a wonderful means of documentation, photography can also be used as a fine art medium. My style is eclectic. In the fine tradition of eclectic artists of our past, from DaVinci to Duchamp to Calder, I embrace the challenge of exploring varied subjects and forms of expression. By that I mean, neither subject matter nor genre solely defines my images; they are defined by my artistic esthetic.

Dianne’s 2013 top honors include "Photographer of the Year" titles from three acclaimed international competitions; Black and White Spider Awards, Photography Masters Cup, and World Photography Gala Awards. In 2013 Dianne received: First Place in the International Photography Awards (IPA) in Fine Art and Collage, GOLD overall category winner in Book Fine Art Paris Photography Prize (PX3), Grand Prize Winner in the New York Center for Photographic Arts, Gold medalist in Gallery Photographica's San Francisco International Exhibition, , First Place in Digital Imagination Professional Women Photographers, First Place in the WPGA Black & White Awards, First Place from the Texas Photographic Society, and advertising honors in the London International Creative Competition for a third consecutive year.

“Throughout my life art has been the one true common thread, the stitches that bind my chapters together. As a photographic artist, I embrace the ability to spotlight my point of view and give a voice to my imagination."