Bronze / 2016 / Book / People

Emile, the beauty of imperfection

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/People
  • Company
    Emilie Bonjé Photography
  • Photographer
    Emilie Bonjé

He was born in November 2013: Emile. My sister’s youngest son. After his mother, his father and the doctors, I was the first person to meet him. There he lay in the neonatal department, beautiful, peaceful and absolutely tiny. I could see straight away that he had Down’s syndrome. It was love at first sight. The project portrays 51 Belgian children with Down's syndrome, under the age of 8. With this project I want to show you how I look at beauty in a portrait. You're challenged to look at a portrait of a child with down in a different way. Children with Down’s syndrome carry authenticity within them in a strikingly powerful way. They appear to be free from social pressure. They say what they mean and the face that they present is what they really are. You'll get to know the children in their purity, their individuality, their own beauty.