/ 2016 / Portraiture / Self-Portrait

The Quiet Storm

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Patty Maher

This is a series of self portraits that depict 'the quiet storms' of characters caught in
a moment of personal struggle. While emotion is often conveyed through facial expression,
in this series no faces are shown and the emotion is conveyed through posture, gesture and
placement of the figure within the frame.

Awards Exhibitions:
November 2012: Dark Room Gallery Group Exhibition, Vermont “Red” – Juried Show
October 2012: The Dam Gallery, Alton Group Exhibition “Equinox” – Juried Show
September 2012: Hills of the Headwaters Group Exhibition Caledon– Juried Show

November 2012: La fille de l'hiver - Cover
October 2012: Press 53 - Blood Sisters of the Republic – Cover
October 2012: Armida Publications - Tell Me a Tale - Cover

October 2012: Fluster Magazine
October 2012: Fourx5 Magazine Issue 8
July 2012: Golden Age Issue 9 Feature and cover
July 2012: The D Photo
June 2012: The Paper Tree Issue 1
May 2012: Get Inspired Magazine
April 2012: We See It Volume 5
April 2012: Rebel Imprint Volume 1
March 2012: Musetouch Issue 19
February 2012:Whitezine
February 2012: Professional Photography Blog
February 2012: Anormalmag
January 2012: Le mag Darqroom
January 2012: Urban Muser