/ 2016 / Portraiture / Culture


  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Culture
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  • Photographer

The Adorned series are a set of stylized images exploring African
Jewellery and the Female form. The images celebrate African culture
and heritage and use the female form as a source of strength and
sensuality. The jewellery used was curated from African designers.

As a child I was in awe of the intricate and elaborate jewellery worn
but cultural dignitaries, how it expressed their importance and
signified their identity. These visuals remained ingrained in my mind
and were the inspiration for the Adorned series.

I am a Nigerian visual artist based in London who expresses himself through photography and mixed media.
My work work is an expression of my journey and experiences as a Nigerian and a Brit. These two cultures inform the narratives in my work which straddles between fantasy and reality.