/ 2016 / Nature / Water

Shadows Alight: Portraits of the American West

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Water
  • Photographer
    Drew Doggett
  • Studio
    Drew Doggett Photography
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Water, the life-giving, incredible force of nature that makes up a
part of everything we know on earth. The reflection and
movement of water is one that every human finds a sense of
calmness in. It determines our moods, our health and our
mental wellbeing, and we find ourselves yearning to be near it.
This series illuminates how water itself adds another element to
the sublime, the reflection of the largest, most majestic scenes,
to the flowing waters found in hidden gorges, secret home to
those who find it and a magical wonderland to those who
stumble into its wake.

Drew Doggett tells extraordinary stories of diverse cultures, animals, and communities through a fashion-inspired lens. He has received 120+ prestigious international awards and has had his artwork featured in many publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Architectural Digest, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fortune, and Outside Magazine. His photographic work can be found in public collections globally, notably the Smithsonian African Art Museum (DC), as well as in hundreds of corporate and private collections in over 20 countries around the world including the Four Seasons (HI) and the Waldorf Astoria.