/ 2016 / Book / People

The Artist and a Bird

  • Prize
    Gold in Book Proposal (Series Only)/People
  • Photographer
    Olga Plesovskikh

This man not only made our day in Lisbon, but brightened up the mood of children and
adults alike who happened to be strolling along the shoreline. He is a painter, actually.
His pieces of art were displayed nearby and he just watched the people and seagulls
walking past while a calm music played in the background.
The man in the hat took out some bread and seemed to give a bread offering to the foggy
empty skies when suddenly…seagulls decided to take central roles in this artist’s
painting. More and more birds slowly flew towards him, took the bread from his hands and
gracefully flew away mesmerizing everyone around.
The bread was gone, but everyone was still captivated by the “live” painting which had
just been drawn before their very eyes, while the man in the had went back to his pieces
of art, watching the wonderful world.