/ 2016 / Book / Fine Art

Macha Contemplation

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Vladimir Kysela
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Project is based on poem, called May, written by romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha. The
whole poem is evolving from pretty nice, lovely scenes, gradually into horror, ending very
badly. In fact, it is about two young people, girl and burglar, and burglar is hanged
after he murdered father of that girl. What surprised me in that poem, Macha really
created sort of "photographic" piece - you can find there a lot of scenes like in the
movie. It is really amazing to read and to imagine and then go and find them :-) This is
my first attempt for personal project, motivated by literature. I very much believe, that
there is a clear connection between different forms of art – painting, photographing,
literature, music, theatre, movies,…

I am a photographer, a photographer of stories in the landscape of mind. I try to look at the world around me, and despite all its complexity, superficiality and speed, I present its beauty in an unusual, inventive way. I take pictures of joy, freedom, melancholy, sadness or fairy-tale, roughness, infinity…

I am attracted by impressionism and positive image. I still feel strongly influenced by the painters who worked with light, color, shapes in the landscape, from Turner, through Monet to Van Gogh, to Šíma. Perhaps, one day, I approach them at least in sight .

Awards 2016 - project "Macha Contemplations"

- Prix de la Photographie Paris, 3rd place (in category “Book Proposal (Series Only)/ Fine Art”)
- IPA, International Photography Awards, honourable mention (in categories “Fine Art: Landscapes“, “Nature: Landscapes”, Digitally Enhanced”)

2017 - project "Through The Eyes of Hans Christian Andersen

- MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards, 2nd place
(in categories “Book (Series Only)/ Fine Art”, “Fine Art – Abstract”, “Fine Art – Special Effects”)
- IPA, International Photography Awards, 3rd place (in categories “Book(Self-published): Fine Art“)