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Swans InMotion

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Other, Silver in Press/Performing Arts
  • Photographer
    Andrea Paolini Merlo - CubanBallet
  • Studio
    Revoltade KFT
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Swans InMotion
I keep working on my series of photos InMotion mixing the
movements, poses and formations of dancers with the slow speed
shutter trying to transmit the movements within still photography.

My primary profession is that of dancer and choreographer at the Hungarian National Ballet Company and I think photography is an ideal instrument to catch the harmony and beauty of dance. The body, as a visible form of our existence is the most direct instrument of communication man can have and this instrument can be controlled totally by the dancer. With their sculpture figure endowed with strong, flexible and slender body they can be considered as athletes who devoted themselves to art, always in continue evolution. My intention is to immortalize the never-ending moments of this moving ...

Awards International Awards
- PX3 2010: Recognition in the Non-Professional Press / Performing Arts category for “Shades”
- IPA 2011: First place in the "Advanced - Motion in Pictures" category with the "InMotion" series - PX3 2011: Bronze medal for “InMotion” in the “Non-Professional Press” category
- ONE EYELAND 2012: Photographer of the Year - Silver Medal in the Fine Art (Amateur) category at the “ONE EYELAND Photography Award 2012”. The “In Motion” series also won silver medals in 3 different categories: Fine Art - Abstract, Fine Art - Other, Special - Other
- PX3 2012: Third Prize in the Book Reviews category for "Visions" - Ballet News 2011 Photo Contest: Winner
- IPA 2012: Prizes in the IPA 2012 competition:
- 5 recognitions in 5 different categories with the “Visions” series
- 3 awards in 3 different categories with “Creation 01” photography
- 4 recognitions in 4 different categories for photography “SwansVision” and “Virginia Woolf”
- IPA 2013: Three recognitions in the IPA 2013 competition in three different categories with the “Folded” photo series
- Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2012: Top 30 in the “Open” category
- PX3 2015: Silver Medal for “Simply Ballet Dancers” in the “Non-Professional Press and Book Reviews” category
- PX3 2015: Silver Medal for “Folded With Elegance” in the “Non-Professional Advertising” category
- PX3 2015: First place in the “Non-Professional Advertising” category with the entry “Swan lake - Back Stage”
- PX3 2015: First place in the “People’s Choice” category with the entry “Swan lake - Back Stage”
- IPA 2015: Third place in the “Swans InMotion” series in the “Non-Professional Advertising” category
- PX3 2016: Silver Medal for “Swans InMotion” in the “Non-Professional Advertising - Performing Arts” category
- PX3 2016: Silver Medal for “Lyinghand” in the “Advertising - Beauty” category
- PX3 2022: Silver Medal for “Lightness” in the “Advertising - Other” category