/ 2016 / Portraiture / Culture

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  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Culture
  • Photographer
    Tariq Zaidi
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Tariq Zaidi is a multi-linguist with an in-depth understanding of regional and cultural sensitivities having lived in more than 10 countries.

Currently based in London, he has visited over 90 countries to date and travels extensively in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa where he seeks out and explores new sights, people and cultures.

Travelling however is not enough for Tariq. He believes that it is necessary to immerse himself as much as possible in these cultures to produce striking images.

Tariq's interest as a photographer range from editorial, advertising, fundraising, travel assignments for nonprofit organizations and photo documentaries addressing human dignity, hardship and poverty in developing countries.

He is currently working on two self-publications and looking for a sponsor for an exhibition portraying human dignity in some of the poorest countries in the world.