/ 2016 / Fine Art / Landscape

Jarred & Displaced

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Landscape, Gold in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Christoffer Relander
  • Studio
    YX1 Visual
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In this project, photography is not really something with which I examine the world around
me. It is the instrument I use to examine the world inside. By exposing my film multiple
times I am able to surreally fill jars with natural environments. I get to play with the
childish idea of conserving my surroundings as they are today. Including some environments
from my childhood in the South of Finland, that I am trying to release my longing for.

The executing of the concept is done by using a double exposure technique inspired from
the film epoch. This to help preserve the beauty in analog alteration, as I am conserving
my precious landscapes.

Born in 1986 in a small town of Ekenäs, near Helsinki, the artist has always been drawn towards art, since his early age. He studied Graphic design and Visual Art in the city of Porvoo. The turning point of his artistic direction was during his service in the Finnish Marines in 2008, when he became fascinated with the art of photography.

Relander is a self-taught photographer and especially known for his multiple exposures, an in-camera technique that he has used in most of his projects since 2010.

Awards Project grant from Svenska Kulturfonden - 2016
Became represented by Finnish Art Agency - 2015
Travel grant from Svenska Kulturfonden - 2015
Artist of the Day at Saatchi Art – 2014
One year work grant from Svenska Kulturfonden – 2013
Cream Midlands Silver Award in Best Photography of 2012
Artwork “Dizi” featured in Oprah’s blog – 2012
Västra Nylands Bragd pris (Achievement Prize) – 2012
Nominated for Best Fine Art Photographer of the Year in Framed Awards, Las Vegas – 2012