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Don't forget Srebrenica

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    "Ciro Cortellessa"
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In 1995 in Srebrenica 8372 men aged between 12 and 75 years
were killed by Serbian troops of General Ratko Mladic.
The images tales the twenty years Srebrenica's commemoration
of the genocide's victims. The reportage was produced in Bosnia
in 2015 during the recognition's activity of that body by the
forensic pathologists through the comparison of DNA.
Srebrenica has been tried by the International Tribunal the
greatest genocide ever happened in Europe since the Second
World War
Every year on 11 July at Srebrenica thousands of people from all
over the world, take part in the peace march because what
happened in Srebrenica will never happen again.
many women, many mothers, many daughters still seek the
bodies of their missing loved ones.
After 20 years, many women will no longer have the hope of
being able to give them a proper burial.

I am a photojournalist and I realized my reportages in many areas of the world crisis including Bosnia, Kazakhstan, uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, india, turkish kurdistan, vietnam.
My reportages tell of the human condition after the end of a war.
The human conditions after the end of a war are never told.
For me this is an important mission.

Awards First place photo contest memorial Raffaele Ciriello (Italy) for photoreporter of war with reportage Srebrenica never forget 2005
First place photo contest to Rome (Italy) Sud-east of world with reportage Good morning Vietnam 2010

Top 20 finalist at London Photo festival 2016

photo exhibition Women along the Silk Road Milano, Bologna, Merano, La Spezia (Italy)

photo exhibition Do not forget Srebrenica
Padova, Brescia (Italy)