Gold / 2012 / Fine Art / Collage

Mutated Human

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    Maartje Ansems
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Mutated Human We live in a time of many changes and we, as a human being, notice them to a greater or lesser extent in our daily lives. The quality of the air, our food and many other things affect our sense of well-being. This results in allergic reactions, stress and many more problems. Over time, the human body adjusts to the new situation and changes a bit. This is an internal process that we canâ??t see on the outside. In my collage series I show how these extreme changes to the body look like in my fantasy. Looking at a collage you can see immediately, unlike a photo, that it is 'not real '. This aspect allows me to make impossible images and to exaggerate it a littlebit more.

Maartje Ansems
Photographer, born in The Netherlands in 1978

Sint Lukas Brussel
University College of Art and Design
Brussels - Belgium

Academy of fine Arts
Tilburg - The Netherlands

Nederlandse Fotovakschool
Teacher & Developer educational material