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-"Take care, don't get hurt..." are the last words that come from my dad's lips when I'm leaving to the fights. My mom won't even watch my taped fights because she gets so emotional. Even when she knows that I won. My sister probably suffers as much as them, but she conceals it better and she encourages to give my best when competing. My girlfriend has got used to the nerves, the pressure, the injuries, the after training exhaustion, the concentration near the competitions, and she did so just because she knows that fighting is my passion. Probably all of them would be much more relaxed if I did anything else, however, they support me. Because they are my family. Because they love me. The same way I love them. When I think about it, I understand them perfectly: Training for months giving painful blows to each other with your mates day in and day out, just to reach the fight day and give even more painful blows with somebody you barely know and whose aim is to knock you out. And all this to achieve what? In most cases, pure personal satisfaction. With luck, some title and with much luck, little money that will end paying your gym fee, the personal trainer fee who will help you to perform better, and the fisyotherapist fee that you visit more than you would like to...And on top of that, you must bear with the social prejudice that pursues you: "these guys are like animals, they have nothing in their heads". And I think to myself: "maybe we are a little bit more daring and this is what distinguishes us from those who just ride a bike or play basketball". All in all, sometimes, you would quit it all. But I will not. Because I love it. Rogent Lloret is one of the project's protagonist 4th European classified in MMA. European Champion in Jiu-jitsu and 3th of the world. Catalonian champion in boxing

Born in Barcelona in 1967, actually is the city where I reside.
Receipt studies of photography in Institute of Catalunya's Photography Studios.
From always I have interested in photography, specially reports and portraits of current people,
I treat across my photos to create really beauty being an as aim as possible.
My articles are of social character but offering a vision different to which we are accustomed.

Founder in 2001 of the Association " Artistic Photographic SUBGRUP " like platform for the accomplishment of works and photographic exhibitions. I have realized numerous exhibitions in different cities of Spain like Madrid, Sevilla, Gijon, emphasizing those of Barcelona in the rooms like� Convent Sant Agustí �, �Casa Golferichs-Espai Francesc Català Roca�, �Real Sociedad Fotografica�, etc.
This year I was finalist of Leica Oskar Barnack Award and my work exposed in the Reencontres d'Arles meeting.
Actually I work in Catalunya Spanish Television like photograher.