Silver / 2012 / Portraiture / Wedding

I'll Never Let You Go

  • Company
    Terence Pang Photography
  • Photographer
    Terence Pang

We found a perfect love Yes, a love that's yours and mine I love you and you love me all the timeâ?¦

Terence Pang was born and raised in Hong Kong. He started photography since he was 12. He didn't get into academic study of photography; however, the passion has never lowered and he decides to work for his life.

He enjoys creating images showing character of people and telling story behind with artistic version. While shooting on location, he'd love to explore the relationship of between the light & shadow and the subjects.

Terence began working as a full-time photographer in 2008. He funds his personal work through a broad range of fields including photojournalism, wedding photojournalism, environmental portraits, and commercial advertising. His clients include customers from overseas and Hong Kong, sport stars, artists, celebrity from China and International.

Terence began contemplating his ability to effectively communicate ideas, beliefs, and emotions through photography. He sought to simplify his focus, personally and professionally, in order to channel a stronger and more lasting message in his work.

His favorite quote: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get?

Terence Pang is member of WPHK (Wedding Photographers of Hong Kong) & WPPI (Wedding Photographers International). He is also a tutor for a local institute of Art.