Gold / 2012 / Fine Art / People_FA

Venetian Scans

  • Photographer
    Kurt Hoerbst

Kurt Hoerbst has presented a project of human mapping of the city entitled Venetians Scan. As a matter of fact, Hoerbst has created a special machinery that can scan at a photographic level the peopleâ??s bodies. The final image is the result of a matching of 15shots which, after a digital elaboration, give a life-size picture with high realism of the subject. The artist will create a sort of living map of Venice through a series of pictures involving the inhabitants of this city.

Born in Austria in 1972.
Having been originally educated in
telecommunications, he then turned to photography
beginning his studies in Prague in 1992.
Kurt founded a school of photography in Austria in
1996 and now teaches history of photography,
journalism and he gives lectures at the
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.
Publisher of three books and
multiple prize winner in this field.
Kurtâ??s work has enjoyed numerous exhibitions
both home and abroad.
Over the last years, multimedia projects
have been a focal point of his activities.

â??Ã?berlebt â?? Menschenbilder Lagerbilderâ?? - 1999
â??Der schwarze Ritterâ?? - 2001
â??Sommerschneeâ?? - 2008

Exhibitions, Performances (Selection)
2006 From village to town â?? Dhaka / Bangladesh
2006 â??staTdT_kunstâ?? - Zurich
2007 â??staTdT_kunstâ?? - Amsterdam
2008 â??Lichtspurenâ?? â?? Lentos Linz
2008 â??StaTdT_kunstâ?? Athens
2008 Backlight 08 / Tampere / Finland