Gold / 2012 / Fine Art / Nudes


  • Photographer
    David Kretschmer

A mirror offers people a special but also a very unsettling experience, you feel yourself while you see your image. People are subject but especially object at the same time while looking in a mirror. The encounter with your own living image initiates the effect as youâ??re looking at a stranger. This starts the mental process of critical rationality, the assessing and judging of the ego. A kind of dialogue with yourself which causes different effects to different characters. Some people love and adore their mirror image and get more and more confirmed in their own narcissism. To other people a look in a mirror can cause self-doubts, self-critism and even self contempt. The seemingly distance and the reversed image in a mirror always comes with a strange feeling of estrangement.

Born in 1983 in East-Berlin, me and my parents fled from the communistic system in the GDR in 1989 just months before the fall of the Berlin
Wall. We settled down in the south of Germany where iâ??m still living now. My love for drawing caused me to choose an artistic education at school
where I found photography to me as the best form of expression. After an apprenticeship in photography, I moved to Amsterdam to assist
Erwin Olaf. Back in Germany, i am currently freelancing as an assistant for several photographers.