Honorable Mention / 2021 / Portraiture / Family

Beauty of blue eyes

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    Muhammad Amdad Hossain
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Tasnim 11, Mehedi 06 and their grandfather Shukur Mia Family members with an unusual pigmentation show off their shockingly bright, blue eyes. Eyes of this colour are rare for people of a darker skin tone, and the cause is a lack of melanin pigment in the iris of the eye. Lower levels of melanin are more commonly found in people with lighter skin tones, meaning they are more likely to have lighter coloured eyes. The grandfather's name is Shukur Mia, who is photographed with his granddaughter Tasnim and grandson Mehedi. The picture taken from a village home of Chittagong city in Bangladesh.

Hi This is Muhammad Amdad Hossain, I am 19 years old and I live in a village near Chittagong city, Bangladesh.

I am studying in the final year of political science in Chittagong College under the National University of Bangladesh. I love photography, My interest in Travel and Documentary.

I want to see different and exclusive shoot in travel and environment through my lens. I am passionate and hard worker photographer and love to do something different.

Awards 40+International Award Winners From 19Countries.
Below is a list of some international awards.
* Finalist in the Young Talents category of 6th edition of the Grand Prix International Photo Competition 2020.France
* Winner of the Corona Creative Contest 2020.Germany
* Won The Slover Library 2020 Earth Day Photo Contest in the Paparazzi(21 Over) Category- 2020,USA
* Finalist on the second edition of UNESCO Youth Eyes On the Silk Roads International Photo Contest-2020.
* Finalist of 'Evil in Our Daily Lives Art Prize',2020.Germany
* 'Finalist' "H2O" International Photography Competition & Exhibition 2019, Greece.
* Won the grand final prize for the Heritage for Planet Earth 2019 photo
* Second Prize' Winner of The Click A Smile – Akshaya Patra’s Annual photography Contest.2020. India
* Finalist of "CitiesToBe Photo Award 2020, SPAIN.
* Runner-Up in the People category in the Wanderlust Photo of the Year 2019 Photo Contest,UK
* Won GPU Silver Medal And IAAP Bronze Medal
with 7/12 Acceptance in GPU Under 25 Photo Competition.
* Finalist in world's most prestigious photo contest HIPA 2019-20 in General category (Colour).DUBAI
* Finalist of my photography has been selected for ''Viewfinder International Photography competition & Juried Exhibition'' at Miami in Florida.2019
* Winner of 'The Madiha Aijaz' prize in 'ROSL Photography Competition 2019'London.
* Finalist of the Ciwem environmental photographer of the year 2019,New York.
* 1st Place Winner of 'Youthled Changemaker Photo Contest' 2019, Washington.
* Winner of International Photo Contest on "greener healthcare waste management" 2019, Africa
* Runner Up has become Duggal's 2019 Capture the Moment Photo Contest,New York.
* Winner Of ' Wiki Spirit' Photo Contest 2019