Honorable Mention / 2021 / Architecture / Industrial

p: Machinery – Machine Aesthetic

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    Cyrille Dubreuil
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Machine Aesthetic refers to a view of the formal aspects of machines, especially their simple and regular shapes, smooth contours, and reflective surfaces, as beautiful. Over the years, I have always tried to reveal the raw beauty of machines through my camera lens, and to translate the emotion that they create in me.

Professional photographer based in Paris (France) I have been specializing myself in the fields of architecture, industry and construction for almost 20 years (Hong Kong, Italy, United States).

Awards PX3 2021 Competition - Honorable Mention for "p : Machinery - Machine Aesthetic"
The 2019 Chelsea International Photography Competition (New York): Selected for the 2nd Annual Exhibition at Agora Gallery
PX3 2018 Competition - Honorable Mention for "The Bow"
Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018 - Honorable Mention for "The Bow"
IPA 2018 - Honorable Mention for "The Bow"
Critical Mass 2018 Top 200 Finalist
Moscow International Foto Awards 2016 - Honorable Mention for "Electric Power Plant - Toul"