Honorable Mention / 2021 / Portraiture / Children

. Indian Spirit .

  • Photographer
    Anja Diabaté
  • Studio
    Anja Diabaté Artistic Photogra
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This work contains for me the magic, spirituality and culture of India especially in the people. I tried to represent this in an artistic way. Concept, make up and outfit by me.

Anja Diabaté is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. She uses Fine Art Photography to transform her concepts and ideas into unique artworks. Her strengh and power is the transformation of her ideas and creativity into extremly expressive and soulful photos. Each of her photographs tells a unique story, her aim is always to inspire a viewer to get into depth and reflection.
Her highest self-requirement is to create multiple photos from a single original, but without ever losing the cohesion to the embedding series.