Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other

Stone is Not Stone

  • Photographer
    Yon Sim
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This series emerges from a time of inertia and isolation when days blend together, emotions are muted.
The women that I have found here, in the silent isolation of lockdown, are not as inactive as they fear. They vigorously persist in an in-between space: that liminal overlap where their situation in life meets their dreams and fears. Whether fighting internally for life or for oblivion, they are resilient in their battle. Yearning for change, their desire is an act. To exist from one moment to the next is not to be static; rather, it is the very act of survival.

My name is Yon Sim. I am a photographer based in San Francisco, specializing in poetic composition. My photographs ā€“ ranging from black and white pigment prints to one-of-a-kind experimental image transfers ā€“ reveal the whimsical and mysterious in everyday imagery and expose emotionally resonant moments. Often, the subjects of my series are melancholic and singularly compelling. With this collection, I invite viewers to share in honoring the beauty of mystery.