Honorable Mention / 2021 / Press / Nature/Environmental


  • Photographer
    Chengbin Zhang
  • Studio

During the prosperous urban construction, they were abandoned at the outside of the closed shopping malls.

From "useful" to "useless", from "human" to "non-human", from beauty to ugliness, from darling to foundling, what is exposed is people's pragmatism.

Awards -2021 Honorable Mention for Monochrome Photography Awards
-2021 Honorable Mention in Conceptual & Nudes for Chromatic Awards
-2021 CEF Honourable Mentions for Asisafoto,Spain
-2021 Acceptance& Honorable Mention at Praxis Gallery, USA.
-2021 Acceptance in the 9th Olympic Photo Circuit, Greece
-2021 Acceptance in 3rd GCPA International
-2021 Honorable Mention for PX3 Prix de la Photographie Award, Paris
-2021 Acceptance in Taiwan Photo Circuit
-2021 Honorable Mention for Mono Visions Photography Awards
-2021 Accepted by Trierenberg Super Circuit
-2020: Honorable Mention in Monochrome Photography Awards;
-2020: Honorable Mention in MonoVisions Photography Awards;
-2020: Honorable Mention in IPA one shot photography;
-2019: Honorable Mention in IPA Street photography;
-2017: Gold and silver awards in IPA-2017China;
-2016: PSA Honorable Mention Ribbons in Singapore Int'l Photography Awards;
-2014: Silver Award in IPA-2014China