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The house where I used to live in my grandma house which time past soon.
People getting order and order but most of the people care about the people in the photo of course, but I want to take a photo which includes everything I ever have to include the mood.
So I took some photo series, the models just like a traveller stay in this house for temporary, I don't know what is the reason they came to here but every photo truly happens in this house.

Awards 2014 PX3
@Portraiture/Personality -> First Prize

2015 PX3
@Portraiture/Self-Portrait -> Honorable mention

2015 IPA
@Fine Art : Portrait

2016 Wonder Foto Day , Taipei Taiwan
@谷口純弘 Yoshihiro Taniguchi 推薦獎 suggestion

2016 April ,LFI Magazine Interview (Leica Foto GRAFIE International)

2016 Lomography US interview
Memorable Quotes From Our 2016 Photographer Interviews

2017 Leica music contest
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