Honorable Mention / 2021 / Portraiture / Other

Lina, visnes 2021

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    Tina signesdottir Hult
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Tina’s work mirrors the expressive and the beautiful. As a constant, the essence of her work embraces fragility and vulnerability with underlying stories often seen in her conceptual works. Her portraits hold a strong balanced composition and expression, often using a narrow frame. At first blush, it can seem simple and uncluttered. Lovely. But closer examination leads us to perceive amazing complexity in the subtleties of expression she captures in her model's faces. To her, photographing is about seeing – not only with the eyes but also with the heart. This is when real stories are revealed

International acclaimed art photographer, specialized in fineart and portraiture.
As an artist, Tina thinks of herself first and foremost as Nordic. From the beginning, clearly recognizable Nordic aesthetics have lived and breathed in her work. Her work contains and depends on elements of naturalism. Beyond the natural world, she finds particular inspiration from old master painters. Along with this, she often uses museums and historical houses from the 19th century as a ground for her mesmerizing portraits. At the same time her work is up to date in its simplicity and Minimalism.

Awards www.tinasignesdottir.com

Selected awards.

Hasselblad master 2018

Sony award 2013,2015,2016,2017

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