Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

Discovered Worlds

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    Richard Alan Cohen
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    RCLC Works
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Leaving concerns of this world behind, my mind lifts and travels. What would it be like to escape to places where there are no worries, no divisions; where calm rules? These images are of the places I land - on the shores of lakes and seas, on highland lochs, along streams. No people, quietude, pure nature without human nature. Actually, these are small places, just pools and rivulets between mossy rocks, places where I have sought solace in search of better worlds. How to make the jump from what I see here to the possibilities that I see there?

I live minutes away from thousands of acres of State parks. My photography highlights my reverential relationship with the environment through which I walk daily. From environmental details I build imagined landscapes, providing them a larger than actual perspective to emphasize their importance, both to me and to the environment. I develop the light, color, and movement, to give my images an otherworldly appearance. This is both to set their subjects apart from the ordinary reality in which they are threatened by climate warming and to pay them respect as objects of beauty.

Awards Cohen has had work included in numerous solo and group shows at venues including 555 Gallery, Panopticon Gallery, the Griffin Museum of Photography, Photographic Gallery San MIguel Allende, Galatea Fine Art Gallery, Kingman Gallery, Sohn Fine Art, and Five Points Gallery. He won first prize at Fotofoto Gallery, Huntington, NY, 14th National Juried Competition, Juror: Charles Riley, with "Waterline-11". His work has been featured several times in media including The Eye of Photography, Lenscratch, Edge of Humanity, Don't Take Pictures, aPhoto Editor, and the Hartford Currant.He is represented by the Kingman Gallery (Deer Isle, Maine) Boston Art, and Photographic Gallery (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico).