Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / People


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    Harv Greenberg
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Mornings at the beach are magical. There’s a certain calmness and serenity that’s palpable…a feeling that all is right in the world. Occasionally, the clouds and fog combine with the sun’s rays to create a stunningly beautiful soft light that reflects off the sand and surf. On this particular morning, the beach was nearly empty. As the two gradually approached the surf, I could only imagine the joy and connection felt by both the father and his daughter. My position on the pier gave me the perfect vantage point to capture this very special moment in time.

Come along and travel the world through my images of inspiration. The pristine wonders I have been so fortunate to capture through the lens of my camera across all 7 continents have provided a source of joy and fascination for patrons around the world. It is my sincere hope that they captivate you, too.

Since there are no rewinds in life, we must find the time to discover your inspiration, explore the extraordinary, create the unimaginable and then leave nothing on the table.

Awards 2020 Honorable mention Monochrome Awards - Fine Art
2018 Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards - Portrait
2018 Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards - Landscapes