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Freedom Under Control

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    Giacomo d'Orlando
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The freedom of choice was an undisputed concept, almost obvious until recently. The period of forced isolation we have gone through has profoundly dented this belief, radically changing the perception of the control we have over our lives. During isolation, each person has coexisted with different emotions and moods, which have inevitably left within us psychological aftermaths that will hardly abandon us in a short time. The sense of uncertainty about our future increased due to the impotence of being masters of oneself and one's actions. Now we feel like our freedom is under control.

Giacomo d’Orlando is an Italian photojournalist born, and currently based in Verona.
Its reportages are mainly focus on social and environmental issues worldwide. In his career he has treated delicate issues such as the violence on women, social disparity and climate change. Since 2015 he lived in different Countries as Nepal, Peru, Australia and New Zealand, collaborating with numerous international renowned magazines.
Its projects have been awarded by prestigious photo competitions and its pictures have been exhibited in Roma, Paris, New York.

Awards Honorable Mention in Deeper Perspective category at IPA 2015
2nd place in photojournalism category at Chromatic Awards 2017
2nd place in environmental category at Chromatic Awards 2017
Honorable Mention in Environmental category at PX3 2017
Honorable Mention in Deeper Perspective category at IPA 2018
Siena International Photography Awards 2018 Finalist
Bronze Medal at International Tokyo Foto Awards 2018