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Somewhere in the Middle

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    Cynthia Johnston
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Born and raised in Wisconsin, I had always felt connected to the Midwest despite the years away from “home” for so long. As our nation began its trudge through the Trump era, I felt disconnected the Midwest. It became a place that I no longer understood. My identity incongruence gave way to an intense curiosity about the purple and red states.
Landscapes and local tourist sights were the most neutral way to direct my thoughts and impressions of a place. I continue to focus on the landscape as a vehicle of investigation as I continue my project.

Cynthia Johnston is a fine arts photographer with an interest in work which examines personal identity and cultural identification. Her current project is “Somewhere in the Middle” which is a collection of photos taken throughout the “non-coastal” states of the US.

Awards 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers; category: Editorial & Current Affairs series in 2021.
Jurors: Barbara Davidson and Elisabeth Biondi

3rd Place in 2021 Primary Colors, New York Center for Photographic Art, Virtual Exhibit. Juror: Ann Jastrab