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1 for Sorrow 2 for Joy

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    Gary Sheridan
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Re-emerging might be a struggle on your own but with a helping hand...
The Corvid family of birds are known to be highly intelligent, they remember human faces and have mastered the art of making deals and planning ahead. They are capable of making tools and are thought to hold funerals for their dead. Corvids are often represented as mystical creatures capable of seeing the future and the past.
This mini series is part of a larger series called Corvids which explores the World today through the Corvid family eyes - Magpies, Ravens and Crows. Humanising birds and De-humanising people...

It was whilst studying photography at the University of Wolverhampton UK that I found my passion for conceptual photography. My work draws on personal experience and a natural inquisitiveness in human behaviour.
I construct (often building sets in the studio) a series of work from a concept or I will see images in everyday life that speak volumes to me. Whichever method of construction I use, I intend the images to be multi-layered and engage the viewer thoughtfully and aesthetically.

Awards Bronze Award – Tokyo International Foto Awards, Fine Art 2019 TIFA
Bronze Award – Worlds Top 10 Fashion Photo, Fine Art, One Eyeland 2019
3 x Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards, Fine Art Series 2019 IPA
Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards, Street Photography 2019 IPA
Nominee - Fine Art Photography Awards – Conceptual 2019 FAPA
Finalist - Worlds Top 10 Fashion Photo 2018 - Oneyeland
Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards, Fine Art Portrait 2018 IPA

1st BA Hons Photography 2004