Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Wildlife

Cormorant Uprising

  • Photographer
    Robert Maynard

The black Cormorant has been special to me, since my very first ever experience of photographing this magnificent creature. An hour before sunrise, with my gear set up, I was ready and waiting on the jetty overlooking the lake. The sun rose, its powerful light burning through the morning mist - it looked magical. A Cormorant swam to a nearby boat and climbed aboard, then another and then another and so on. It was a busy morning on the lake. My patience had paid off. I was blown away by what I had witnessed - to see so many Cormorants climbing out of the water, through the mist which hugged the

Rob was taught by his father who has been a professional wedding photographer for over 25 years. He learnt the skills as a hobby to begin with following his father's passion for photography and enjoyment of the outdoors.