Honorable Mention / 2021 / Advertising / Fashion


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    Rebecca Redmond
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This photograph was to depict the beautiful visions i had seen in some magazines, such as vouge and well i love fashion, i always aspired to make an image so thought provoking and i remember thinking id love to of been the photographer! and styled the subject myself..thats when after years of photographing all kinds i decided to turn the lens onto myself!, for reasons of abilities within disabilities i have ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis along with fibromyalgia, in the face of my pain...i saw some beauty and the emotions it evoked was truly amazing and to say "we can" in pain

I am a very expressive person and that comes out within my art...i call photography poetry in a still...the voice of pain, reason, phoisophical and ultimately art itself, it speaks a thousand words without moving, the fact...you can capture time is truly amazing.

I am to provide you with some of "my own theatre" since im a "invisibly" disabled photographer, although to look at you may not even think it, life has been hard but its been beautiful and that in itself is theatre...i also take expressive self portraits, of which speak, and evoke emotion i hope in you too and thats the theatrics!

Awards I have been awarded first place many times on photocrowd, i have been expert commended many on the same site

Luminar Bug Awards 2020 shortlist

British photography awards 2021 shortlist

DxO Software photography win

Internationally published three times within the Canon company and magazine, many other publishers