Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

Minima Naturalia - Reflections from Damaged Nature

  • Photographer
    Marlene Bialas
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In “Minima Moralia, Reflections from Damaged life” Adorno argues we live in a society "where life no longer lives" because it’s offended in its most intimate details.Today it’s nature offended by man: hence the project title and the choice of minimalist images that go to the essence of a damaged nature. Extrapolating and altering the natural elements around us, I tried to enhance their shapes, details, making them almost abstract, absolute beings. In these small, delicate parts lies the very existence of a nature now exhausted, with which we should rediscover an intimate relationship of union.

Born in Milan in 1998, I am half-German, half-Italian.I graduated from classical high school and after a year of travelling and working I attended the Mohole photography academy in Milan. I am a curious observer. I like to watch the world carefully, especially the smallest and apparently insignificant things: a movement, a facial expression, a particular light, a colour, a funny scene, a detail that reminds me of something. I am a creative person, I like to experiment and create original, innovative works, always questioning myself.