Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Abstract

Symphony of lines

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    Daniel Dencescu
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My inspiration for this series were the line drawings from Henri Matisse. We can find all kinds of lines also in our surroundings, for example in the form of cables. I see the aesthetical, graphical and minimalistic beauty of those lines, which are mostly neglected or considered ugly. What I like about these simple, minimalistic lines, which I photographed on a grey foggy day to avoid the cloud distractions, is how they leave room for associations. Each viewer can interpret these lines in his/her own way. Even if minimalistic, one photography depicts not just one thing, but many.

I am an artist, born (19th July 1985) and raised in Romania, living now in Frankfurt, Germany. As a child, I wanted to become a painter and I began to study painting by my own, having a lot of art books at home from my parents. My passion for fine art photography started in 2008.
In my images I try to photograph the silence, being interested in the poetry of the ordinary, always searching for expression in the commonly overlooked scenes that surround us. I enjoy photographing in ''bad weather'', when the landscape is covered with snow, fog and mist or simply under an endless grey sky.

Awards 2021- Newcomer Wildlife Photographer for National Geographic Germany (2 published articles at National Geographic Germany with my Murmurations series)

2021 - PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris: Nature - Sky ("Murmurations")- GOLD

2021 - PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris: Nature - Seasons ("Silent Winter")- GOLD

2021 - PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris: 2nd Place Winner (from all winners) in Nature

2021 - 1st Place Winner Minimalist Photography Awards/Abstract ("Murmurations")

2021 - 1st Place Winner Fine Art Photography Awards/Wildlife/Animals FAPA 2021 ("Murmurations")

2020 - 1st Place Winner International Photography Awards Fine Art/Abstract IPA 2020 ("Murmurations")

2020 - IPA Jury Top 5 selection

2019 - 3rd Place - Honor of Distinction - 14th Annual Black & White Spider Awards ("New York in the spotlight"- Silhouette)

2008 - 1st Place - Romanian National Travel Photography Contest, Vacante si Calatorii ("Art", category Urban)


2021 - B&W Minimalism Magazine Issue 28 - Featured Artist
2021 - FEM Fine Eye Magazine, April - Featured Artist
2020 - B&W Minimalism Magazine Issue 25 - Featured Artist
2020 - Publication in the 2020 IPA Winners Book
2020 - Publication in the Black & White Spider Awards Winners Book 2019 - Publication in the Black & White Spider Awards Winners Book
2014 - Publication in the Black & White Spider Awards Winners Book 2008 - Publication in the romanian Magazine"Vacante si Calatorii"
2008 - Published photographs for the german newspaper in Romania
"Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung"

Instagram: danieldencescu