Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Earth

Polar night

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    Ryo Hanaoka
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I hold my camera in the freezing night.
I was waiting for an aurora, a light that you can see only at night.

You cannot perceive this phenomenon, which takes place regardless of whether it is day or night,
during the day, when the light from the sun is at its fullest.
It becomes light for the first time in the dark.

A beam of light that dances in the freezing night sky
restrains my heart, which wants me to return to my sleeping bag quickly.

When the long polar night signaled its end, we became aware that
"There is no night that doesn't dawn"

I traveled with the Arctic adventurer by walking 600 km through the Arctic. I learned about the beauty of nature and the fun of photography that conveys it. Currently, I am aiming to shoot in the central part of Iceland in the middle of winter while taking photographs mainly in the Yatsugatake area of ​​Japan.

Awards International Photography Awards 2019 Honolable Mention