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    Bella von Einsiedel
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ACCEPTANCE is a photo series about the self-confidence of women.
1st picture: Stop thinking and "Love Yourself"
2nd: Open up your eyes and "Accept Yourself"
3rd: Take a risk and "Trust Yourself"
4th: Don't hide and "Be Yourself"
Many women are blind when it comes to their own bodies or their beauty. Accepting yourself for who you are is difficult for many people.But it seems that women,shaped by media-conveyed beauty ideals,find it even more difficult.If we would look at each other through the eyes of those who love us,we could certainly see our own beauty and accept each other for who we are.

In 2009 she discovered her passion for portrait photography and created her own photographic signature during the coming years. Her works show surreal worlds, some of them are fantastically and some a kind of bizarre. Topics such as self-esteem, diversity and our relationship to nature are recurring aspects that she explores and which are presented in a multi-faceted manner by means of photo editing. Her works have received several international awards. Live interviews,publications and exhibitions of individual works followed. Actually she is doing her bachelor's degree in clinical art therapy

Awards 2022 Trierenberg Super Circuit: Gold Medal
2022 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Honorable Mention

2022 Siena Creative Photography Awards: Finalist + Commended
2022 Fine Art Photography Awards: 3x Nominee

2022 World Masters of Photography Award: Shortlist

2022 The Independent Photographer Award: Finalist

2022 Siena Photography Awards: Finalist

ā€‹2022 Monochrome Photography Awards:2x Honorable Mention

2021 Sony World Photography Awards, Open Competition: Shortlisted

2021 Fine Art Photography Awards: 1st Place Winner and 7x Nominee

2021 One Eyeland Photography Awards: 2x Bronze and 5x Finalist

2021 Siena Creative Photo Awards: Commended

2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards: 2x Honorable Mention

2020 Monochrome Photography Awards: 1st Place Winner and Honorable Mention

2020 Prix de la Photographie Paris: 2x Bronze and Honorable Mention

2020 International Photography Awards: 3x Honorable Mention

2020 Finland International Digital Circuit: Gold Medal and Honorable Mention

2020 ND Awards: Honorable Mention

2020 Chromatic Photography Awards: 2x 2nd Place Winner

2019 Prix de la Photographie Paris: Silver and Honorable Mention

2019 International Photography Awards: 2x Honorable Mention

2018 Sony World Photography Awards, Open Competition: Commended

2018 Tokyo International Foto Awards: Honorable Mention

2017 Smart Hero Award: For working as a volunteer photographer at the "Dein Sternenkind" foundation

2016 Sony World Photography Awards, Open Competition: Commended

2016 International Photography Awards: 4x Honorable Mention

2015 Trierenberg Super Circuit: Gold Medal of Excellence

2014 Trierenberg Super Circuit: Gold Medal