Honorable Mention / 2021 / Advertising / Beauty

Daughter of Spring

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    Rutvik Katuri
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    Rutvik Katuri Photography
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Blessed by mother nature herself, describing the princess's beauty was like a dream come true for a romanticist. Adorned in flowers, she was the true paradigm of elegance. The simplicity reflected the grandeur of her kind and humble nature. With her eyes so innocent and her face fragile she was the epitome of rejuvenation and joy.

Published in 7 Hues Beauty Magazine March 2018 Issue.

Beauty and fashion are what define Rutvik Katuri and his photography. With roots in India and the US, Rutvik graduated from the NYFA in early 2017.

Seeking inspiration from the multicultural cities he's grown up in, his work is a symphony of color and the human form's intricacy. Currently based out of New York, his work has been featured in prominent magazines. Moreover, his work was also been featured and showcased on multiple Time Square billboards.

The one mantra he always lives by is "get inspired, stay inspired, and inspire others”.

Awards Winner in Rangefinder Photography Annual 2017.
Winner in Rangefinder The Portrait 2018.
First Place in Rangefinder Seeing The Light 2018.
First place + 2x Silver Awards in WPPI First Half 2018.
Third Place + 6x Silver Awards in WPPI First Half 2019.
Second Place + Silver Distinction + 2x Silver Awards in WPPI Second Half 2019.
Silver Award in WPPI Annual 2020.
Silver Award in WPPI First Half 2020.
6x Silver Awards in WPE Annual 2020.
8x Silver + Bronze Awards in WPE First Half 2021.
16th Place in WPE Top 100 Photographers 2021 .
4x Nominee in 7th Fine Art Photography Awards.