Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Trees

Parallel Verticality

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    Sarah Fleury
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My intention with this picture was to depict the depth of the woods in this mesmerizing winter scenery and emphasize the geometry and parallel lines of the trees.

Sarah Fleury is a non-professional fine art photographer currently based in Brussels.
Her interest in photography started two years ago when buying a camera to take pictures during her travels. What started as a mere travel goal became a revelation.
After a career as a sociologist and an high school teacher, photography became not a choice but a necessity.
Her work focuses on on portraiture (people & animals), lifestyle, landscape, architecture and conceptual photography as well as on exploring the themes of the void of existence and trauma, through self-portraiture.

Awards Shortlisted at Urban Photo Awards 2021

Shortlisted at Siena Creative Awards 2021

Shortlisted at Festival Photo Montier 2021

Nominee at the 7th Fine Art Photography Award 2021 (in Abstract & Nature).