Honorable Mention / 2020 / Portraiture / Culture

A collective unconsciousness

  • Photographer
    Isabella Franceschini
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    Isabella Franceschini
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The Catholic Holy Week traditions in Sicily date back to the 16th Century when it was under Spanish rule.

Men, women and children often find themselves side by side and a sense of belonging unite them. They discover again the roots of their past and their religiousness as if sounds, smells and colours have been indelibly imprinted on their subconscious.
Permeated by a timeless religious tension,
they represent a microcosm of the human condition in which the eternal search for the divine has been handed down, from parents to their children, for over four centuries.

Isabella Franceschini is an Italian freelance photographer based in Bologna. She graduated in Economics from Bologna University, Italy. After travelling abroad with the Nikon School Photo, she has grown as a photographer studying in Bologna with the renowned photographers since 2008.
Now Isabella divides her time between her work and documentary photography. Her long term projects are mainly inspired by human experience. Her interest of the world is drawn towards its people. She wants to celebrate the ordinary things that happen around us all the time in her photographs.

Awards ItalyPhotoAward 2019 | Finalist | Italian Collection Lodi 2019.
PX3 2019 |Paris | Silver Award | Portraiture | Children.