Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Aqua Lin
  • Credit
    FB 一山 https://www.facebook.com/hardcoreforreal/ IG hardcoreforreal

CheChe, whose real English name is Light-vented Bulbul, living in southeast Asian.

He is an injured bird who I picked up on the street. After taking him to the veterinarians, the veterinarians suggested me to adopt him, because his physical condition doesn’t allow him to go back to nature. CheChe is like my good friend. Sadly, Light-vented BulBul’s lifespan is about 10-15 years, which means he has high chances dying first than me. So I start take photos of him.

Nature comes first than human civilization, I always respect nature in awe. With the idea, I pick leave from street, decorating the stage with flowers, and I add fruits which he like. I try to combine “artificial” life, as well as the nature world that he is supposed to live to make the staged series.