Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Still Life

The State of America

  • Photographer
    Todd Bradley

The American dream as we once knew it is dead. The US is still
racially divided 53 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed.
There is a major culture shift happening in our nation with women
and men exposing sexual misconduct in the workforce. Americans
are not learning about their rights as citizens. These things, and
others have caused our role as a super power within the world to

Todd Bradley (1970, Detroit, USA) has lived in San Diego for over 30 years; 20 of those with Walter, Todd’s husband, and their 2 Rat Terriers; Gus and Hank. Self-taught with occasional classes and workshops; he draws inspiration from photographers Lori Nix and David Levinthal. As an artist, Todd uses different mediums and styles to express his views. Todd’s work focuses on decay, whether it is organic, structures, or our society.
Todd believes the current state of photography is mirroring the early 1900’s when Kodak introduced the Brownie camera to the masses. Today, we have the cell phone.

Awards 2017 Talent of the Year, London Creative Awards
2017 Honorable Mention Tokyo Foto Awards
2017 FAPA Honorable Mention fine art
2017 FAPA Honorable Mention Photo-manipulation
2016 London Creative Awards Honorable mention
IPA Awards 2015 2016 3 Honorable mentions
2015 2016 Monochrome Awards 3 Honorable Mention
FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards London, England 3rd Place
C4PAP The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Co.
Camera USA 2015 2016 The Von Liebig Center, Florida
See Me 2015 exhibition Musee du Louvre Paris France
Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana